Charter Ready Package

With such competition in GA, what's going to separate you from the others?

VATEA prides itself on the excellence of its pilot training and the ‘Charter Ready Package’ is no exception. This package gives you a unique opportunity to build your knowledge and experience with access to entry-level aircraft that are the workhorses of the General Aviation industry.

By completing the VAETA Charter Ready Package you ensure when going for your first interview, you stand out from the rest. You will be provided with the confidence on the aircraft type, as well as a broad scope of charter operations, thus increasing your chance of employment in an industry that's already intensely competitive.

Gain invaluable hours under the supervision and guidance of an operational charter company with over 35 years GA service. Vortex Air is the largest charter company at Moorabbin Airport and operates a fleet of Beechcraft Barons, Piper Chieftains and Cessna Caravans; it is in this environment that your training will be conducted.

What The Charter Ready Package Offers You:

  • 3 hours Dual Instruction on both the Cessna 210 (Only provider on Moorabbin Airport), and the Beechcraft Baron BE58.
  • 4 hours Dual Theory Instruction and briefing on each Aircraft type.
  • 7 hours Command Building on the Cessna 210 to give an accumulated total of 10 hours on type.
  • Schedule 8 maintenance exposure provided by experienced engineers.
  • Charter operations exposure (right hand seat) flight in an operational charter performed by the partner company Vortex Air Charters.


Package Available from October 1st, 2017. Limited Spots Available.



Charter Ready Package
$9,950 + GST

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