ME-CIR - Craig Toolie

"Up until now my training to CPL had been through flying schools, Vortex Air expected a higher standard from me. The fact is Vortex Air is an IFR charter company which operates in possibly Australia's most challenging weather conditions across Bass Straight. Training in a commercial environment has not only provided me with a rating but has trained me to the standard expected of an IFR charter pilot. The instructors, charter guys, freight handlers and management have all contributed to my skills."


ME-CIR - Daniel Frazer

"I wouldn't have done my Multi-engine and Instrument training with any other flight school. Being in close contact with Commercial pilots flying for Vortex Air imparted valuable experience over the course of my training. Add to that the massive experience of the Instructors and the free flight simulator used for student practice, VAETA gave me the flying skills I needed to be a safe and effective Commercial Pilot."