Now, more than ever it easier for individuals who want to fly recreational but are not interested in obtaining a private pilot licence

A recreational pilot licence (RPL) is a flight crew licence introduced on 1 September 2014. It authorises pilots to fly light, single-engine aircraft as the pilot in command, the RPL replaces the student pilot licence and general flying progress test (GFPT) that existed under the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988. It is also available to pilots who have an RA-Aus pilot certificate.
how to get an RPL: complete the relevant flight training

  • undertake a general English language assessment (only required for the first category rating)

  • pass an RPL theory exam (this can be set and conducted by us)

  • pass an RPL flight test

  • have at least 25 hours flying time including a minimum of 20 hours dual and five hours as pilot-in-command.

Training for your licence, ratings or endorsements (except design feature endorsements and flight activity endorsements) must be undertaken through a flying school which is authorized under Part 141 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations.
You need to have either a Class 1 or 2 medical certificate or a recreational aviation medical practitioner’s certificate to take the RPL flight test.
You must be 16 years old to get an RPL.


A private pilot licence (PPL) is a licence that allows a holder to pilot an aircraft as pilot-in-command or co-pilot when the aircraft is being operated in a private operation or the holder is receiving flying training.

You must be at least 17 years old to get your PPL. You also need to do the following for the category rating you want to get with your PPL:

  • learn the theory

  • complete flight training at a Part 141 or Part 142 flight training organisation

  • pass a PPL theory exam

  • meet the minimum aeronautical experience requirements

  • pass a PPL flight test for the licence and category rating.

You need to have an appropriate medical certificate (Class 2) to take the PPL flight test.


The CPL (Commercial Pilots Licence) allows the holder to be employed as a pilot, Co-Pilot ,Charter Pilot, so it is your gate way for professional flying career including airline pilot . Further training after obtaining a PPL allows the candidate to reach the more advanced standard required for the issue of a CPL,the training for the CPL consists of navigation flying and exercises to develop quality flying standards. 

Aeronautical experience requirements for grant of commercial pilot licences—aeroplane category.

An applicant for a commercial pilot licence with the aeroplane category rating must have at least 200 hours of aeronautical experience 

Ground School:

The in-house ground school will be held for each class to cover all subjects of commercial pilot theory knowledge and also preparing each student for  the seven subjects CASA written exams , each exam will be booked individually with CASA , the subjects are:

  • CPL Navigation (CNAV)

  • CPL Meteorology (CMET)

  • CPL Human Factors (CHUF)

  • CPL Flight Rules & Air Law (CLWA)

  • CPL Aerodynamics (CADA)

  • CPL Aircraft General Knowledge (CSYA)

  • CPL Operation, Performance & Flight Planning (CFPA)

A ME-CIR (Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating) enables a pilot to fly without visual reference outside the cockpit. The candidate is trained to use flight instruments and navigation aids (NDB, VOR, RNAV etc.) to safety fly the aircraft under Instrument Meteorlogical Conditions (IMC). 

The instrument flight training will be conducted in a combination of Aircraft and Simulator training device 


The Instructor Rating is mostly the first step to get in to the aviation career , it will enrich the pilot with qualities, it will improve the aviation skills and confidence

To undertaking the Flight Instructor Rating Course, you will need :

  • To have  a Commercial Pilot Licence and a Night VFR Rating or Instrument Rating

  • Minimum 30 hours dual with a Grade 1 Flight Instructor

  • Demonstrate a competency with briefings 


Vortex Air – Elite Training Academy are the only flight school in the Country that gives you the experience of flying a charter plane. The Cessna 208 and Piper Chieftain are VERY popular Aircraft for many operators around Australia. Prepare yourself for the next step and get your 208 or PA-31 Endorsement with us today.                                                                                                                                contact us today to discuss your endorsements requirements,    email : 

With such competition in GA, what’s going to separate you from the others?                                                                                                                                                                      VATEA prides itself on the excellence of its pilot training and the ‘Charter Ready Package’ is no exception. This package gives you a unique opportunity to build your knowledge and experience with access to entry-level aircraft that are the workhorses of the General Aviation industry. By completing the VAETA Charter Ready Package you ensure when going for your first interview, you stand out from the rest. You will be provided with the confidence on the aircraft type, as well as a broad scope of charter operations, thus increasing your chance of employment in an industry that’s already intensely competitive.                                                                                      Gain invaluable hours under the supervision and guidance of an operational charter company with over 35 years GA service. Vortex Air is the largest charter company at Moorabbin Airport and operates a fleet of Beechcraft Barons, Piper Chieftains and Cessna Caravans; it is in this environment that your training will be conducted.

What The Charter Ready Package Offers You:

  • 3 hours Dual Instruction on both the Cessna 210 (Only provider on Moorabbin Airport), and the Beechcraft Baron BE58.

  • 4 hours Dual Theory Instruction and briefing on each Aircraft type.

  • 7 hours Command Building on the Cessna 210 to give an accumulated total of 10 hours on type.

  • Schedule 8 maintenance exposure provided by experienced engineers.

  • Charter operations exposure (right hand seat) flight in an operational charter performed by the partner company Vortex Air Charters.

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The first flying school in Australia to offer a flight training from zero hours up to min 500hrs total time including min 200 actual first officer experience on BE1900 with our sister charter company.

The program is designed specially to our ab-initio students who will enrolled in our dedicated BE1900 cadetship program, for more information about this program , please email us


ICUS packages can be made available on Piper Chieftain on actual cargo or passenger flights, contact us for details 

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