Vortex Air – Elite Training Academy is a flight training provider located at Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne.
VAETA is an Australian company which was registered in 2007. It is certified with CASA part 141 flight training approval No. CASA.141 FTO.0150.
VAETA provides a unique eminence to flight training which differs from other training providers. The training is managed and conducted by real airline and charter pilots, ensuring that the quality of training matches airline standards. In association with sister companies Vortex Air and Tasfast Airfreight, VAETA offers strategic training with the cooperation of the Academy of Technical Training from the United Arab Emirates. 
Vortex Air is the largest charter company at Moorabbin Airport and operates Piper Chieftains, Cessna Caravans and BE1900. It is in this environment that your training will be conducted by experienced instructors, that also conduct charter work for Vortex, thus they are able to provide a real-world emphasis on your training i.e. not just training you to be able to pass a flight test!
As you train at Vortex, you will likely make some useful professional connections (and friends!) with our awesome team of professional charter pilots, preparing you for the real aviation environment.
Vortex Air Elite Training Academy has established a niche training market. Our business model focus in safety and quality training, also introducing charter ready model training  includes providing a Piper Chieftain in which one of the options to conduct Instrument Ratings, and our up-coming BE1900 cadetship training.
We take pride in the quality of the students that leave our academy; we want our school to be spoken of highly, so it might be recommended by students and other charter companies alike.  
So, if you wish to start your flight training or upgrade your existing license or would like to obtain additional ratings and endorsements, Vortex Air – Elite Training Academy is the right place for you.
VAETA is a member of the biggest aviation alliance in Australia, members are part of various professional flight training organisations throughout Australia, the alliance is great asset: vastly increased scope of courses can be delivered to our students, increased flexibility of personnel and assets, unprecedented levels of key personnel redundancy, seamless access to a range of APTA bases & services across Australia
APTA is certified with the Commonwealth Register of Institution and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) Provider Number: 02844F and is a nationally Registered Training Organization (RTO Number: 22508)
APTA is also part 141 and 142 CASA approved
Approved courses:
092714D     Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane)    
092715C     Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)                                 

more info about APTA alliance please visit: https://www.auspta.com.au/

Key Personnel:

 Ermin Guido Javier Jr. APTA Head of Operations

Prior to moving to Australia, he spent the years from 1993 until 2005 with the Armed Forces of the Philippines as an officer. During that period, he obtained a Bachelor of Science Major in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and served as a military pilot with the Philippine Air Force. In 2005, he moved his family to Australia and begun the process of converting to an Australian CPL with an Instructor Rating.  He joined Melbourne Flight Training in 2007 and worked his way through the various grades to become a Grade One Multi Engine IFR instructor. He had a period of three years as an officer with the Australian Navy, but returned to MFT in 2014

Maurice Toneatto, Senior Base Pilot/Grade 1 Multi-Engine IFR Instructor, Line Captain-Vortex Air Charter

Maurice Toneatto is a Grade 1 Multi-Engine/IFR Instructor with over 4,000 hours experience including RPT in turbine aircraft.
Maurice has considerable experience in aerial survey, aerial photography, coastal surveillance and fire spotting operations throughout Australia.
Outside of aviation Maurice is a practicing Architect and loves trekking through the ranges on his Anglo Arab as well as catching a swell on the southeast coast.

Andrew Warland-Browne, APTA Head of Safety

Andrew Warland-Browne started his aviation career in 1992 where having completed his Commercial Licence at Archerfield, he obtained an instructor rating and by 1997, he was a Grade 1 Instructor, Chief Flying Instructor, and Approved Testing Officer.  In 1998 he was asked by CASA to help develop the first pilot guide for Archerfield, which became the first of the series.  In 1999 Andrew was contracted to produce the new VFR Flight Guide in the new format, complete with diagrams and drawings to help explain the more complex rules that a pilot needs to understand. The VFR Flight Guide is widely lauded as one of the most useful publications that CASA have produced for the aviation industry.

Andrew was a founding member of the CASA Aviation Safety Advisors whose mission it is to help the industry stay informed of a number of safety initiatives and education.  As the Aviation Safety Advisor Team Leader, he lead a team of 11 safety professionals, where they completed hundreds of AvSafety seminars in regional Australia and also completed specific information seminars for GAAP to D airspace changes, and the new Aviation Safety Regulations.

Wes Mason, APTA Document Management & Technical Services

 Wes started his aviation career in 1985 with Qantas Airways Limited, in a range of operational and management positions including overseas postings. Wes worked in several areas of the company and his operational experience included expertise in customer service, systems management, load control and training.

In 1997 Wes joined Ansett Australia where he was appointed Operations Centre Manager NSW and was a key player in the implementation of the regional operations centre at Sydney, as well as performing executive roles as Manager Ramp and GSE NSW and a similar role in QLD briefly. During this period Wes obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management from Swinburne University.

Laveniya Ruthralingam-Internal Coordinator

Laveniya moved to Melbourne in early 2012 from Malaysia to begin a career pursuing Aviation. She has always had a passion for all things aviation. All of her flight training was completed at Melbourne Flight Training, from her Private Pilot’s License up to Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating. She also holds a Diploma in Aviation. Laveniya moved to Melbourne in early 2012 from Malaysia to begin a career pursuing Aviation. She has always had a passion for all things aviation. All of her flight training was completed at Melbourne Flight Training, from her Private Pilot’s License up to Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating. She also holds a Diploma in Aviation. Developing leadership and managerial skills in various positions in different industries, Laveniya will be assisting the key personnel of APTA as the Internal Coordinator and will ensure that an exceptional amount of customer service will be provided internally and externally to the clients of APTA.